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September 7, 2011
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Commision: Multiworld by niziolek Commision: Multiworld by niziolek
from the top, left:
Xellas, Seymour, Vertis, Bart
Nit, Faroo, Cyfer, Morgana, Haritsuke, Samuel, Lord Dzik, Yuby
Bokler <with horns> Big G, Raflik, Chimeria
Renler, Saovine, Vanille, Distant, GvS, Korm, Zegarmistrz, Ch4os
Raven, Irian, Sildi, Aria, Satsuki, Noire, Mazoku, Cai
Maczer, Ryuzoku (:DDD) Windu, Crow Roe,

Proponuje wam założyć ZAKON, bractwo czarnych włosów do ramion i czarnych płaszczy

lol, look at this [link] look.
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Death-Ark Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
What the...... How the heck did you draw everybody to fit in this pic? Holy dang, that takes skill, nice work. XD O_O
T5U Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
Niezly kawal roboty..
Irin Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ej, Ryu wyszedł genialnie :D:D:D I Lichu, ta mina pedofila po joincie. I nawet ciągle jest Zeg O_O

Poza tym to jest cudownie kolorowe. Luv.
niziolek Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
dziękuje <33
Chlojo08 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
awesome so cool
Crow1 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
I have said many things about awesomeness of this work on the summit, but lets have another look at it. As usual this will look much better in reality, as the scanner didn’t make the colors look as good as they did on paper.

It is clear that on top of purely graphical challenges you also had to deal with a lot of research to present all those characters you likely had no idea about. This, for the most part, worked very well and virtually everyone is identifiable.

I see that Jabba is growing every day. However his badass facial expression and absent sight add a lot to this work and compose well with all the quite involved people in the photo.

Xellas is obviously not hard to identify. I am not sure who is she winking at, but I like her tooth, her spider necklace and corset. Breasts size is good too.

Few people are aware Seymour still exists, but the cig makes it obvious this is him. I always remember his avatar, which had slightly shorter hair, but long hair suit him as well.

Vertis looks so youg and innocent I would have tough time guessing who is that. I guess you captured his unwillingness to appear on such a photo well. This character is ‘under construction’, though I find his evil hellsing-like looks more adorable than cute freckles.

Bart: sort of easy modo. No problem identifying him. Also very Bart-like to butt in on a picture that he doesn’t have much to do with ;p.

Nitopir doesn’t have any of his xenomorph features, but looks very much like I would imagine him. Being positioned near the edge of picture is also the position he would likely choose. I like the play with his eyebrows and his angry smirk.

You did something very interesting with Faroo uniform so it’s a pity we don’t see more of it. I wonder what is his opinion on your interpretation of his character.

Cyfer, once the great nemesis of everything living in the Multivers, now lined up with everyone else. What a happy end. Still, he has a very interesting suit, that prevents him mixing up with the crowd. When you look at the picture from a distance, he is one of the first aspects of it to catch your glance.

Morgana has one of the most charming faces on the entire picture. Her smile is so sincere. I believe she said this picture matches her image of her character well. I just enjoy looking at her here.

Haritsuke smiling? Now that’s something new ;D. He is a good, generic looking, long haired bish. However his necromantic features, willingness to start one of the biggest wars in the Multiverse simply because he opts to fire before asking questions and long pages of flame wars are hardly reflected on his face here.

Looking at the picture I think you really like Samuel. His face is so friendly here :D. His tentacles underline his personality well and I appreciate the way he interacts with Chimeria.

Dzik is your prime bishonen of all time. It is a pity he didn’t take much part in Multiworld history after war with Dogs League, as the way you draw him beats even Ziza. Really well done.

Yuby is another person I like for his angry expression. Funny thing how many people look angry now, compared to your previous group picture. And I think all those angry faces suit them very well this days. Anoter person that is easy to distinguish and well presented.

As far as I know it was hard to decide on Bokler looks. He turned out to be a younger brother of Gilgamesh, which is quite interesting.

Big G is one of the very few friendly looking characters here. It is amazing how he evolved from fierce Aria guardian to good, kind hearted pal.

I have no idea why Raflik doesn’t enjoy his ‘Roman boy’ nickname. I think you captured this aspect of his personality perfectly here. So cute! Almost as cute as Morgana.

Chimeria character presented in comics (both her and yours) is much more appealing to me, than the forum version. As said previously, she interacts with Samuel very convincingly on this work and the get the fuck off expression suits her a lot. Perhaps you no longer like her, as you draw her breasts smaller every time.

I understand that Renler was hard to depict, due to lack of source information, but I think it worked out perfectly. His beard is very convincing. However, most of all, there is something in his smile, that looks exactly as when he smiles in reality, which is another +1 for this picture.

Saovine is another character that lost a lot of her innocence as compared to your previous work. Just look at the cheerful old death and compare her to the current, I believe much better, iteration.

Queen bee looks exactly as she should – beautiful but stingy. I love how her facial expression is contradicted by a faint blush on her cheeks. She is well accessorized and is probably one of my favorite parts of this work (though there are many).

Distant wanting to have short hair, because taking care of long hair for demigod, nanit-blooded avatar of law is another news to me. Funny, how he is likely the only person that is presented in a more friendly manner than on the previous take. I also think he enjoys rubbing Vanille’s shoulder, hence the expression on his face. He pretends to be looking away, but apparently poker face is not his strong feature ;P.

I liked the skull faced GvS on many other works a lot. However I understand the need to present him like this at the dawn of Chaosrise. Good that he kept his pedophile eyes.

Korm, what? The prince of trolls, a former Master and a walking encyclopedia looking like 14 year old girl ? I understand you decided to troll him a bit. He looks even more innocent than Vertis and could be more sexually attractive than half of the girls on the picture.

It is apparent, that you have a clear vision of Zeg in your mind. Captured perfectly, just as always. I wonder why there is so much room around him and Ch4os…

Ch4os has an expression of ‘everything is always fine’, which is an attribute of his real self more than his forum avatar, but I do like how those two aspects of all the characters overlay in your work. He looks exactly as his avatar should, while giving the feel of the real Ch4os at the same time.

Raven is another one of the favorites here. If not for the fact, that he is missing the eyes glowing blue, he would possibly be the best of them all. I love the aggro on his face. The fist matches the way he discusses issues very well. The reckless assault on Sildi is what gives a nice, distinguishable character in the crowd.

I said it when you first draw her in Multiworld comic and I will say it again – I believe the way you draw Irian to be awesome. It suits my view of her character and the accessories are the ones you could find when looking at her every day. Kawaii eyes and nicely shaped shoulders bring a lot of attention to her on this work.

I never knew Sildi is so much of a troll. The way he enjoys pissing Raven off is quite appealing. Than again, maybe he just doesn’t care…

I believe I have seen this positioning of Aria, Noi and Sat somewhere before :D. I guess it gave a nice start to the picture. The way you positioned them possibly made this artwork to be a nice advertisement of Chaosrise at the same time. While she is grumpy on the picture, I appreciate the fact that she agreed to pose for the photo and when I give her a closer look she isn’t that unhappy about it. Perhaps she wants to keep her evil image, while looking really good at the same time. Obviously many years of drawing her over and over again worked out and she is one of the stars of this artwork. Needless to say however I preferred her previous positioning FAR more.

Great thing that Satsuki cheerfulness looks very genuine here. Accepting anything interesting with open arms and smile on her face is obviously encouraging. There is something awkward about her body proportions, but you see it only after staring at the picture for a week as I did.

Sluty Noire is sluty here. She is not vulgar and yet there are no doubts left when you look at her pose. I think she must be pressing her butt against Aria hip very hard, to look as short when compared to Sat, as she does.

The presence of Mazoku is a bit threatening. He is challenging my spot as the ‘protagonist in glasses’. But I like his appearance here as much as I like it in Chaosrise. Perfectly selected pose for such an event.

Caibre is another character that is simply well captured. I like his expression and tails. His pose reminds me of how you draw Jabba, but than again maybe this is a hidden message. I think you did well in presenting his ‘I will break something soon’ aspect.

Fallen Angel Maczer has a very nice haircut. I believe this one suits his OC much more than the original one. I wonder why is he so annoyed with Ryu.

I doubt there is anyone who didn’t have a laugh when he/she saw Ryuzoku on this picture. Picking up on him feels so good :D. He is quite big actually. Very manly !

Windukind is hipsterish as always. Yet again the key difference between this work and the previous attempt is how you got to know all the people depicted and how perfectly you transpose their RL behavior to the picture. This guy feels like Windukind.

I somehow feel that Ziza and Crow should change places on this picture. It would make much more sense to put this character in the corner. I wonder why does he have a side beard on this picture. Most of all however I find it really funny how you actually draw the lack of his crown. Good job on this one. Needless to say all the little crows around are great too. Good level of biology skills, knowing how does a crow actually look like :D.

Roe is presented in his most common position to be seen. I wonder what is he drinking? Sort of looks like Mountain Dew. Again however – a character well represented.

I know Ziza only pretends to hate people. His position away from the group might make sense from the Chaosrise storyline, but I truthfully believe he would feel much better close to us. It is worth noting however that he has a really nice outline of eyes.

All in all this is likely the most Multiworldish work we will see in some time. I am glad, that so many people that participated in generating the lore of Multiworld were gathered in one place. It is clear that you could fit twice as many people though :D. I also think, that this work is a nice addition to Multiworld Project and could serve to your fanbase as starting point of discussion who and what could we expect in consequent parts of the game.

So, cheers to you for this great piece.
Distant-Traveller Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011
Sigh... sporo się tam dopatrujesz Oo. Nie lubię robić poker face'ów.

Na plus, że chyba poraz pierwszy doczytałem do końca :S
Crow1 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011
Nie martw się, nikt nie będzie robić dobrego poker face w czasie macania Vanille. Ale że doczytałeś do końca? Wah, chyba na prawdę opanowałeś sekrety manipulacji upływem czasu...
niziolek Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
nie umiem czytać po angielsku tak jak Sat ;<
Crow1 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011
Na pewno z dziką rozkoszą dla Ciebie to przeczyta!
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